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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Smoke Damaged Home in Lodi, CA

This smoke damaged home was the result of a fire in Lodi, California. There was a large amount of contents in the kitchen that was ruined form the smoke and soo... READ MORE

Rat Infested Attic in Lodi, CA

SERVPRO of Lodi was called out recently to see about removing rat infested insulation from an attic in an older home. The home was just sold and the new owners ... READ MORE

Commercial Warehouse Fire in Denair, California

This nut processing plant in Denair, California had a fire that shut it down for many months while new equipment was installed. SERVPRO of Lodi was called out t... READ MORE

Wall Cleaning

SERVPRO of Lodi recently cleaned a food processing plant in the Central Valley. The plant processed nuts, the fire produced thick greasy smoke that coated the ... READ MORE

Carpet Restoration

SERVPRO of Lodi offers carpet cleaning in both residential and commercial settings. We use a state of the art truck mount to clean the carpet using a hot water ... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO for Challenges of Mold Removal

SERVPRO of Lodi was called out to remove the mold from the damaged cabinets in this kitchen in Brentwood, California. The countertops were rare and expensive so... READ MORE

Smoke Damage Cleanup in Woodbridge,CA

SERVPRO of LODI 209-368-6119 responded to a kitchen fire in Woodbridge, CA. The insured had walked away from the stove for just a few minutes and returned to fi... READ MORE

A Smoky Fire in Arnold, CA

Fireplace ashes can be a dangerous thing! How often have we cleaned out our fireplace, knowing the ashes are cold, and left the bag sitting outside ready to be... READ MORE

Apartment Cleanup in Lodi, CA

No matter the size of the mess, no matter how nasty it is! SERVPRO of Lodi 209-368-6119 specializes in the cleaning of commercial and residential buildings incl... READ MORE

Cleaning a Hoarding Situation

SERVPRO of LODI 209-368-6119 has the staff who have the knowledge, training, certification and empathy to deal with difficult and sometimes challenging sit... READ MORE

Storm Damage in a Lockeford, CA Home

Heavy rain and wind during this last winters storms caused a breach in the roof tile which ultimately lead to a ceiling leak in the customers living room. The c... READ MORE

Damaged Ceiling in a Rainstorm

Picture the situation. Your at home during a winter storm, nice and cozy, sitting down to dinner with the family. Suddenly in the middle of your meal the c... READ MORE

Tile Cleaning in a Furniture Store

SERVPRO of LODI 209-368-6119 specializes in post construction cleanup, we have been cleaning a series of remodeled furniture stores in Northern California the l... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO of Lodi for Your Mold Problems?

A bathroom with its excess moisture and humidity can be a breeding ground for mold. Most times, proper ventilation (use the exhaust fan!) removes the moisture a... READ MORE

Basements and Water Damage

Basements can be a challenge to dry during a water damage, since they sit below grade. It's common for people to not check their basements on a regular basis so... READ MORE

What a Spectacular Home!

SERVPRO of Lodi was called out last winter to help a customer who had experienced a water damage in Walnut Grove, CA, her dishwasher line had ruptured which in ... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO for Cabinet Removal Due to Mold in a Kitchen?

Kitchens are another high risk area of your home where mold problems can develop. This kitchen suffered a slow dishwasher leak that wasn't discovered for a sign... READ MORE

Don't Forget to Close the Windows!

While it's nice to leave your windows open during the day, it's best to close them in the evening when you leave work! SERVPRO of LODI was contacted recently af... READ MORE

HVAC Leaks can cause Damage to Your Home

Your HVAC system produces moisture when it runs and is designed to drain the excess water away from the home. If the drain line gets plugged (dirt rodents, spid... READ MORE

Hard Flooring Removal in Lodi, CA

In the last 20 years the popularity of hard surface flooring has soared, tile, laminates and engineered wood flooring has surpassed vinyl sheet flooring in the ... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO for Kitchen Mold Cleanup in Sacramento?

Leaving on a long vacation can be an exciting event, coming home to a moldy kitchen isn't! SERVPRO of Lodi's insureds were gone for 6 weeks, little did they kno... READ MORE

Attic Damage from a Winter Storm

Attics and crawlspaces are hidden away from the homeowners view, we usually check them out a few times a year when we're putting suitcases away in storage. This... READ MORE

Demo Services for Commercial and Residential

SERVPRO of Lodi has the ability to take care of your pre-construction or post-construction demo of your commercial or residential properties. We install contain... READ MORE

Sewer Back up in Stockton, California

Ugh! Imagine coming home after a long day at work to find your sewer line in your home has backed up and flooded your kitchen...SERVPRO of Lodi was called in to... READ MORE