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Fire Damage Testimonials

SERVPRO of Lodi has taken great care of my mothers personal items during this time. They've been wonderful to work with

The female crew at SERVPRO of Lodi (Delma, Petra and Maryann) were hardworking and amazing, they've taken care of our personal belongings during this entire process

I had these folks clean the carpets in my house a couple of months ago and WOW what a great job they did!! My carpets were supposed to be a dark green but looked almost a brownish/green from all the outside coming inside. When they got done not only were the carpets a dark green again but they were look shiny and brand new. They're a little more money than your average carpet cleaning company but worth every cent!!!  I like the job they did on my carpets so well I had them do my Mom's carpets in her house too and what an amazing job they did there too!! If you want it done right and make your carpets look new again these are the only guys too call.

We hired SERVPRO of Lodi to clean the walls and 8' ceilings of our kitchen, living room and dining area.  I had noticed that in our kitchen the tops of the walls and the outside edges of the ceilings were discolored and the same thing along one wall in the living room.  I scheduled with Perry, who was very helpful.  He gave me an estimate with a low and high that were $100 apart.  He gave an arrival window of just 30 minutes, which I really appreciate.  Delma and Petra were right on time.  They were very friendly and hard-working.  A couple of times when I asked them to go over an area one more time, they did it without any attitude.  They did a fantastic job and the kitchen, in particular, looks so much better. The price fell within the estimate Perry gave me.  I'm sure we will use them again in the future.

Paul & staff are amazing. They actually do come back to clean if they do not get it right the first time... AT NO CHARGE... Thanks Paul

I am writing to recommend the services of SERVPRO of Lodi's fire response team. Project Manager Tom Lowe, Christy Page, Petra Arce and Mary Ann Escarsega have been cleaning up the damage from the fire and smoke in the home.

 I was impressed with the quick response ad the concern they had for the property of the home. The staff was very courteous, polite and helpful throughout the duration of the job.

I feel it is important to mention the attention to detail that the team put forth in order to do a job correctly. I was impressed with the hard work done by the team.

I feel confident in recommending SERVPRO of Lodi and the team mentioned for services needed to clean a structure due to damage.