Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Modular Home Storm Damage

Modular homes can be challenging to dry out. When they are built they typically start at the bottom and add layers as they build up. It can be difficult to trac... READ MORE

Saving a Marble Floor

A sudden thunderstorm created a water damage at this home in Copperopolis, California with water spreading into multiple rooms. The bathroom floor was marble an... READ MORE

Attic Damage from a Winter Storm

Attics and crawlspaces are hidden away from the homeowners view, we usually check them out a few times a year when we're putting suitcases away in storage. This... READ MORE

Don't Forget to Close the Windows!

While it's nice to leave your windows open during the day, it's best to close them in the evening when you leave work! SERVPRO of LODI was contacted recently af... READ MORE

Damaged Ceiling in a Rainstorm

Picture the situation. Your at home during a winter storm, nice and cozy, sitting down to dinner with the family. Suddenly in the middle of your meal the c... READ MORE

Storm Damage in a Lockeford, CA Home

Heavy rain and wind during this last winters storms caused a breach in the roof tile which ultimately lead to a ceiling leak in the customers living room. The c... READ MORE