Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Drying Out an Elevator Shaft

SERVPRO of Lodi was recently called for a water damage loss in Elk Grove, California. Upon arrival we found 2 floors of the home that were affected including th... READ MORE

Floor Mats Drydown Wood Subfloors in Valley Springs, CA

Imagine heading up to your cabin in the mountains and opening the front door to find the entire place soaked with water. SERVPRO of Lodi was called recently to ... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold Cleanup in Sacramento, CA

Leaving on a long vacation can be an exciting event, coming home to a moldy kitchen isn't! SERVPRO of Lodi's insureds were gone for 6 weeks, little did they kno... READ MORE

Cabinet Removal Due to Mold in a Kitchen

Kitchens are another high risk area of your home where mold problems can develop. This kitchen suffered a slow dishwasher leak that wasn't discovered for a sign... READ MORE

Mold, Ventilation and Bathrooms

A bathroom with its excess moisture and humidity can be a breeding ground for mold. Most times, proper ventilation (use the exhaust fan!) removes the moisture a... READ MORE

The Challenges of Mold Removal

SERVPRO of Lodi was called out to remove the mold from the damaged cabinets in this kitchen in Brentwood, California. The countertops were rare and expensive so... READ MORE