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Demo Services for Commercial and Residential

SERVPRO of Lodi has the ability to take care of your pre-construction or post-construction demo of your commercial or residential properties. We install contain... READ MORE

Attic Damage from a Winter Storm

Attics and crawlspaces are hidden away from the homeowners view, we usually check them out a few times a year when we're putting suitcases away in storage.This ... READ MORE

Mold Cleanup in Antelope, CA

Leaving on a long vacation can be an exciting event, coming home to a moldy kitchen isn't!SERVPRO of LODI'S insureds were gone for 6 weeks, little did they know... READ MORE

Hard Flooring Removal in Lodi, CA

In the last 20 years the popularity of hard surface flooring has soared, tile, laminates and engineered wood flooring has surpassed vinyl sheet flooring in the ... READ MORE

HVAC Leaks can cause Damage to Your Home

Your HVAC system produces moisture when it runs and is designed to drain the excess water away from the home. If the drain line gets plugged (dirt rodents, spid... READ MORE

Don't Forget to Close the Windows!

While it's nice to leave your windows open during the day, it's best to close them in the evening when you leave work!SERVPRO of LODI was contacted recently aft... READ MORE

Mold Damage in a Kitchen

Kitchens are another high risk area of your home where mold problems can develop. This kitchen suffered a slow dishwasher leak that wasn't discovered for a sign... READ MORE

What a Spectacular Home!

SERVPRO of Lodi was called out last winter to help a customer who had experienced a water damage in Walnut Grove, CA, her dishwasher line had ruptured which in ... READ MORE

Basements and Water Damage

Basements can be a challenge to dry during a water damage, since they sit below grade. It's common for people to not check their basements on a regular basis so... READ MORE

Bathrooms and Mold

A bathroom with its excess moisture and humidity can be a breeding ground for mold. Most times, proper ventilation (use the exhaust fan!) removes the moisture a... READ MORE